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Whether in person or virtually, you will receive a thorough and comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Holland and his staff.

We will review the information gathered from your completed Functional Medicine Assessment forms and partner together during your 1:1 visit to personalized plan of care and action, Dr. Holland and his staff will understand your concerns and formulate a holistic health plan that is curated specifically for you. Follow up visits and communication along with coaching visits will assure that you can get the help you need to follow through with your personalized plan.

This is similar to chiropractic manipulation but utilizes a different set of techniques to help patients achieve wellness. Many think of manipulation as only for pain, but the underlying tenet of osteopathic medicine is that structure and function are integrally related. When one has a healthy structure, the body is more capable of self healing.

  • Men’s Health – Men’s health, including testosterone therapy can be very tricky. If you are interested in regaining energy, libido, strength, and optimal performance, Holland Health can help. If you are interested in a program to restore these things in a healthy and holistic way, we can provide this in addition to or instead of one of our functional medicine packages.
  • Women’s Health  – The cycle of women’s hormones is incredibly complicated and changes throughout a woman’s life. Even after menopause, hormones in addition to those most associated with fertility like estrogen and progesterone are vital to energy and vitality. This complicated system along with the unique risks associated with hormone replacement make women’s health challenging. At Holland Health, we will first listen to you, review your personal and family history, burdens of exposure to toxic environmental substances that act like hormones, and discuss the best options of how to proceed with testing and treatment. We utilize unique lab tests at Holland Health based on your specific needs and concerns. Depending on your needs, we may choose bioidentical hormone replacement in addition to supporting the entire hormone pathway including hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid hormones. We will address these complex issues with every woman at Holland Health as these issues are keys to being healthy.

Offered to non-patients of Holland Health without need for physician evaluation. Use of infrared light to modify multiple physiologic processes. See blog post for more details on this powerful therapy.

Dr. Holland only recommends brands of supplements that are professional grade, third party tested for accuracy of dose and purity, and available only to health professionals. Some of the supplements recommended can be found on websites, but with the supplement industry pulling in billions of dollars, pirating these labels is not uncommon. Therefore, Dr. Holland makes these supplements available to his patients at a discount to assure patients are getting the “real deal”. 


The Most Advanced
Non-invasive Fat loss laser treatment in NWA.
The Only FDA Cleared advanced laser for fat loss up to 40 BMI exclusively available at Holland Health. 

This non-invasive low-level laser targets excess fat at the cellular level by using the energy of light at specific wavelengths targeting fat cells and emulsifying fatty tissues. 

The laser is a natural alternative by allowing the fatty toxins to seep out and be naturally flushed through our lymphatic system.

Safe and effective requiring no incisions, no freezing, no down time, and no side effects.

The power of Vitamins, Minerals, and Micronutrients cannot be overstated. This is offered to both Holland Health member patients and to non-member of Holland Health but does require a history and brief visit with Dr. Holland upon initial visit for IV therapies. See packages and individual micronutrients offered. 

Our coaches at Holland Health are trained and certified coaches with IFM. The training is in line with Dr. Holland’s IFM training and certification. Coaching is vital to the success of your health journey. This is why coaching is part of the package and will be an option for memberships after completing a package. 

  • Group Coaching and Physician Visits – There are ways to save time and money that just make sense. No matter what you do, you know that parts of your job or even relationships would be much easier if you could say something once rather than 1,000 times. There are principles and guidelines in health that are universal. For most people, something must be heard, taught, demonstrated, etc. at least seven times before it sinks in. Group visits allow people to not only hear something for the first time or the seventh, and these meetings also introduce you to other people to add a community aspect to principles that are best learned together. The power of groups cannot be overstated or underestimated. 


This is a state of the art body composition analysis device that can precisely measure body fat, free water, and lean body mass. It is precise enough to measure the specific amount of muscle and fat in each extremity and trunk. The gold standard for body composition is the DEXA machine, which exposes you to harmful radiation. The InBody is 99% as accurate as the DEXA. Yet, the InBody takes only seconds, does not expose you to harmful radiation, and it can be repeated over the course of your healthcare journey at Holland Health to follow more than just numbers on a scale. Body composition is significantly more important than weight and even body measurements. This service is available for people simply wanting body composition analysis who are not part of our practice. Call for pricing and times this is available.


  • Monthly large group presentations – These sessions will be both an introduction to Holland Health for new patients and will cover information on specific health related issues. These may include special guests who are experts in their field. These gatherings will be fun and informative. Unless otherwise specified, these will only be available in person. Recordings may become available when we have special guests. You will not want to miss these meetings. So, subscribe to our email newsletter for invitations to reserve your spot. 
  • Biannual Seminars – Dr. Holland and special guests will present vital health related topics twice a year. These seminars will be available to the public but will have limited attendance. Make sure you subscribe to our email newsletters to receive your invitation to reserve your seat. You will not want to miss these seminars. 


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