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The short answer is “no”. See below for details

The insurance model rewards the western model of medicine by reimbursing physicians based on checking boxes and meeting certain criteria. This is not a completely negative thing as  it reminds primary care providers to send patients for annual and routine exams.  For example: A diabetic patient is sent for annual eye exams, get microalbumin levels, and check for sensation. It also helps improve preventative modalities like colonoscopies, mammograms, Pap Smears, and bone density testing.

Yet the US is number one in spending on healthcare and last among industrialized countries in improving health.  The insurance model has created this and it does not give the physician time to listen to the patient and partner with her to create a plan that will bring about real change. 

At Holland Health: We are Committed to Improving Health,  not making sure you meet some criteria set by insurance. 

The team approach at Holland Health with utilizing coaches, optimized individualized plans and other team members protocols will give the results that the western model of health care has not shown.

Our approach to improving your health is not a “Here’s your diagnosis & pill” strategy.  Our focus is on determining root cause analysis of symptoms, optimizing your body to gain positive and sustained personalized results using a holistic approach.  

With our focus on value, results, and improved outcomes, we know that true change cannot happen with one or two visits and a handful of labs. We know that it takes weeks or months to see change when approaching health through the functional medicine model.

Therefore, we have formulated memberships with a minimum time frame of 12 months. We believe that in 12 months, most patients will start to see improvement in energy and vitality, though some may require longer periods of time.

Choosing a plan can be difficult and a free consultation may help guide you to the best plan for your current health concerns.

At the time of your final visit during your membership, we will discuss options for continued care including a maintenance membership that gives you access to continued care and discounts with Holland Health. There are different levels of memberships available depending on your individual needs.

No. While trained in family medicine and having practiced emergency medicine for almost 20 years, I am not a traditional primary care provider. While I recognize disease, diagnosis of disease, the need for managing disease, and the role that traditional family medicine and internal medicine physicians play, I focus on finding the root cause of why a person has pathology/disease. We can discuss what role I can play in providing the majority of your needs at the appropriate time, including during a free consultation.

Not at all.  There have been incredible advances in medical care over the last 100 years that have truly saved lives and reduced the burden of disease. Prescription medications are a huge part of the advancements, and I recognize the importance of those medications in treating both acute and chronic illness.

That said, many prescription medications used for chronic illness and even those for acute illnesses do not address the root cause.

For example, if you have pneumonia, you need an antibiotic.  However, I dive deeper and ask the question of why you got pneumonia and how we can address the underlying cause.

The same holds true for auto-immune diseases. You may need to be on medications temporarily to treat the auto-immune disease while we work to uncover the epigenetic conditions that can be modified in order to reduce or eliminate the need for medications that may have dangerous side effects.

Yes!  We welcome people who would like these therapies. A fee schedule is available for these services for non-members. Because micronutrient therapies have indications, contraindications, and potential side effects, a brief intake by a registered nurse and Dr. Holland is required before administering your initial infusion. After the initial visit, the nurse will repeat the intake questions to make sure that the treatment provided is safe for you. 

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