I have a great friend who is an eye doctor. He is brilliant and somewhat of a savant when it comes to his trade. He makes fun of me a bit because I am so picky when it comes to my vision. He reminds me that vision is more about focus.

At Holland Health, our focus is on finding health, not on finding disease in order to help you restore your vitality. How we do that depends on you. In the drive thru and microwave society in which we live, we want things now, exactly how we want them, and at a low price. At Holland Health, we work with you over time to find YOUR health, support that health, and find broken systems that are stealing your vitality. We recognize this takes time. Just like quality clothing, automobiles, and exceptional food, we don’t cut corners on giving you back your energy and desired health. We also believe that there is nothing as valuable as health and as costly as disease. 

With our focus on a precise prescription for health for you, we do things differently. After all, wouldn’t it be a bit insane if we did the same labs, same prescriptions, same exercise plans, and same recommendations for wellness as every other doctor and for every patient? You are unique in more ways than any of us understand. Just because the human genome has been mapped, and everyone uses the same basic chemical processes to create energy, no one functions the same, has the same deficiencies, surpluses, genetic abnormalities, food sensitivities, allergies, etc. So, we will curate a plan for you, not your neighbor, co-worker, or even someone who shares your DNA.

How do we do this? We take a very careful and extensive look at the timeline of your life. We look for things in your history that may have caused health problems and further triggered your current health. After collecting this information, a functional exam is performed that is extensive and includes body measurements, a close look at skin, hair, and nails, and some of the same exam experiences you have had with previous doctors.  A 7 minute annual visit with a physician cannot uncover the items that have led you to the condition in which you find yourself and at Holland Health, your initial visit will show how unique we are.  

We look at this historical information along with your current symptoms, diagnoses, and complaints and arrange them in systems developed by the Institute for Functional Medicine and better understand where we need to focus our plan to recover your vigor. Sometimes, we utilize state of the art, yet validated, labs to understand your metabolic processes (termed metabolomics), your unique microbiome, hormone profiles, and your specific sensitivities to foods, chemicals, and other exposures.  With some patients, even more labs are needed to help find chronic infections, mold toxicities, xenobiotics, and/or heavy metal toxins. Your unique functional medicine assessment will allow us to choose which labs will most likely give us necessary information to create your plan. 

At Holland Health, YOU are our focus.