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Holland Health exists to deliver whole health to the people of NWA through individualized, patient centered functional health practices and lifestyle coaching.
Holland Health believes that true health is possible when the right support systems are in place. We envision a region full of people reaching their full potential and are committed to changing the landscape and approach to medical care. The old practice of a 5-7 minute appointment once or twice a year to manage chronic disease just doesn’t cut it. At Holland Health, we aim to discover the root of what is robbing you of your energy and vitality. The goal is to pinpoint what is causing your health concerns and/or chronic conditions.
We don’t just do things differently, we partner with you to formulate a curated plan for optimizing your health
B. Shane Holland, DO, MS, IFMCP

About dr. Holland

Dr. Holland has 20 years of medical experience, and his goal of providing holistic and functional medicine is coming to fruition with Holland Health. At age 12, he became interested in musculoskeletal medicine after his dad asked him to manipulate his back. Dr. Holland quickly learned manipulation and massage techniques that helped his dad feel better. Also, while in high school, he suffered a back injury and returned to health and strength because of a chiropractor who had great influence on him. The chiropractor not only adjusted his back and helped with rehabilitation but taught him about the importance of proper nutrition for optimal health and performance. These seeds of health began to take root. 

As a child of lifelong educators, Dr. Holland pursued what he knew best and became a teacher. While in college, he married the love of his life.  After getting married and teaching for a few years, his father in law, an orthopedic physician, helped convince him that he had what it took to pursue his dream of becoming a physician. With the help and encouragement of his family, he was able to go to medical school. Finally, the plant from the roots that started growing during his teen years sprouted, and he combined his love for teaching and health.

His decision to pursue a career as an osteopathic physician was influenced by several friends and mentors with whom he became acquainted during his years of teaching.  This group included an osteopathic physician, a naturopathic physician, and a chiropractor. All three of these mentors encouraged him to become an osteopathic physician and pursue a brand new concept in medicine at that time called functional medicine.

When he finished residency, there was no formal training for functional medicine. So, having practiced emergency medicine throughout residency, he continued in that direction. After his children were grown, he decided to devote time to further pursue his passion and completed training and certification with the world’s premier functional medicine educational and training academy, The Institute for Functional Medicine. He is now one of few IFM certified physicians in the Natural State. 

Dr. Holland has been married for over 30 years and has 3 beautiful children who are all grown. He has learned more life lessons as a parent than in all of his years of practicing medicine. Humility, fear, patience, love, kindness, forgiveness, sorrow, joy, elation, pride, and the list goes on and on when he describes the emotions and lessons he has learned being a parent and husband. He is incredibly thankful for these roles and cannot imagine life without them. 

The practice of emergency medicine may seem to be 180 degrees from functional medicine, but Dr. Holland explains that he cannot imagine trying to do functional medicine without his years of experience in the ER. His understanding of medicine is exponentially greater than it would have had he not practiced emergency medicine. He has dealt with critically ill, severely injured, depressed, anxious, and distressed patients. He has had over 40,000 patient encounters during his career in emergency medicine and has seen just about everything but continues to learn something new every encounter. There is no substitute for this type of experience. 

With his vast knowledge gained through 20 years in emergency medicine, his training and certification in functional medicine, and his willingness to work hard to find the answers to your medical problems, Dr. Holland is poised to create a personalized health plan for you to help cultivate your ideal health. 

There is no time like the present to have the life, health, and energy you either lost along the way or never really experienced. Dr. Holland is poised and ready to help you curate a plan to move the needle towards your health goals. 

Even if you never walk in the doors, the goal of everyone at Holland Health is to help you move towards health. Dr. Holland is committed to giving information and health tips to promote your wellness. Make sure to let us know more about you and what you need so that you can receive valuable and free information to get you started. 

why functional medicine?

personal history

Much of my interest in functional medicine is deeply personal. My family history of disease is filled with early onset dementia, cardiovascular disease and cancer. While functional medicine is much more than preventative medicine, the focus is on health, not disease. Every module in the IFM training was personal because, over the years, I have seen many patients, friends, and family who have chronic diseases that may have been avoided had they known what I have learned through functional medicine training. The disease care model of western medicine has helped with their diseases by putting them on medications and providing surgeries, but what if they were aware of how to prevent these chronic diseases? Functional medicine focuses on the root cause of these expressions of illness that may be reversed with lifestyle modifications, nutrition, detoxification, and support of the immune system. The people closest to me, as well as thousands of patients I have seen over the years, may have avoided years of illness and dysfunction under a different model of healthcare. 

An area of greatest growth for me is in the area of mental health and spirituality. I have always known that a positive attitude and a healthy mindset are important for overall health. The ability to calm the mind, meditate, and free oneself of anxiety, overcome stress, and relax is vital. Success is measured by accomplishments for many of us. Doing more, and more, and more seemed to be the purpose of our lives. Oh how wrong we are, and I’m working to implement mindfulness and anxiety management in to the practice of Holland Health.

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